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Stock 195210
Year 1997
Model F350
VIN 3FEKF************
Body Type STD 2Dr
Mileage 95372

Part Description Price
Brake Proportioning Valve97 F350 PROPORTIONING VALVE150.00
Clutch Flywheel150.00
Cooling Engine Oil1C3Z6A642AA~ COMPLETE ASSM 7.3200.00
Engine Oil PanPAN AND P/U TUBE 7.3150.00
Frame CompleteF6TZ5005EAB~ 92-97 161WB F350 4X41,500.00
Front Axle Assembly 4WD4.10 HOUSING AND GEARS ONLY400.00
Front Axle Locking Hub 4WDF5TZ3B396BA~ 3 BOLT FACT MANUAL-86650.00
Front BrakeF7TZ1102BB~ 95-97 F350 HUB+BEARI-870200.00
Front BrakeF7TZ1102BB~ 95-97 F350 HUB+BEARI-871200.00
Front Brake Backing PlateF5TZ2K004B~ 95-97 F350 4X4 RF - 864100.00
Front Brake Backing PlateF5TZ2K005B~ 95-97 F350 4X4 LF - 864100.00
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftF2TZ3220AA~ 92-97 F350 LS350.00
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), RightF2TZ3219AA~ 92-97 F350 RS350.00
Front Drive Shaft (4WD)161WB 7.3 ZF FRNT 21.25'WW150.00
Front Suspension SpindleF2TZ3105A~ 92-97 F350 - 868200.00
Front Suspension SpindleF2TZ3105A~ 92-97 F350 - 869200.00
Front Suspension Spindle, LeftF6TZ3131EA~ 95-97 LS250.00
Front Suspension Spindle, RightF6TZ3130EA~ 95-97 F350 4X4 RF KNU550.00
Rear Axle4.10 DRW VERY CLEAN750.00
Rear Drive Shaft161WB 7.3ZF 4X4 FRT SEC 25.25'WW200.00
Transfer CaseW/PTO HOLE FLANGE TYPE 4407350.00
Wheel- 29885 -50.00
Wheel- 29886 -50.00